Does your project meet 9.36 Energy Code Compliance?

As of November 2016, the Alberta Building Code adopted Section 9.36, new energy efficiency code requirements.  These relate to stricter construction practices to ensure higher energy efficiency standards are met.  The code applies to all residential new home construction and major renovations and additions.

How does this affect me and my Building Permit Application?

You must meet the energy code compliance requirements for your new project.  There are two avenues to doing this to ensure you comply with these energy efficiency requirements:

  1. Prescriptive Compliance Path
    This approach is the default route to ensure that the minimum energy requirements are met by applying the default measures specified by the Building Code.  Architects will specific these requirements in their drawings / plans, these additional items can include higher insulation requirements, better windows, and high efficiency mechanical systems.
  2. Performance Compliance Path
    This approach includes the preparation energy models for a reference and the respective proposed house, to determine and compare the total energy usage of the home.  A summarized report is prepared detailing the building design parameters and requirements.

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